Basic rules:

  • Admin should respect other players.
  • Don’t insult others, just give a simple warning.
  • You should be on server at least once a week.
  • Always type a reason when you are banning.
  • Permanent bans are used only when someone is cheating.
  • Don’t try to ban yourself. Yes it really works!
  • Admin rights are granted for all of our servers.
  • If something is not working, server has crashed or similar problems have appeared just inform me as soon as possible so I can fix it. (kmk)

AMX Mod X commands:

  • amxmodmenu – shows admin menu
  • amx_map name – changes to defined map
  • amx_votemap map1 map2 map3 – starts voting for chosen maps
  • amx_kick “part_of_name” “reason” – kicks player from server (you can just use part of name), always give a reason
  • amx_slap “part_of_name” “hp” – slaps player with given HP
  • amx_nick “part_of_name” “new name” – changes name of player
  • amx_showloc – shows countries of players
  • amx_who – shows who has admin rights
  • amx_banlist – shows banned players
  • amx_unban “STEAM_0:1:254793” – unbans player

How to deal with cheaters:

  1. I’m suspecting someone of cheating
  2. type spectate into console; jump swithes modes, fire switches players
  3. use first person mod and record demo with record name_of_demo (use command stop to end demo)
  4. if you are completely sure ban player with amx_ban “name” “time in minutes” “reason” (0 means permanent ban) or with amxmodmenu (doesn’t work right now, use console command)
  5. demo must prove that player is really cheater
  6. pack demo with rar, zip or 7z and upload it to, filename will be cheater’s name

Admin team:

  • kmk
  • TbhoB
  • Pan Tau
  • Majkl
  • stk
  • Vereor
  • Slipknot
  • sinth
  • LeBaux
  • Bad_Connect
  • Hitokiri