Thanks to this upgrade you will be able to set up your weapon binds and scripts directly in Half-life menu. There is no need to create your own config file. It extends game menu with few more settings. Just unpack archive into your Half-life folder. “C:\Steam\steamapps\common\half-life”

Since Half-Life update from today (18.5.2013) automatic bunnyhop is not possible because they removed _special alias.

Update v1.1b – 6.9.2012:

  • fixed settings when use defaults is pressed
  • better chat font color
  • default_fov lowered to “110”
  • added script for changing default_fov
  • added script for showscores + stopsound + gl_spriteblend 0 (more visible crosshair)
  • network rates
  • free slot on server if you use tag in your name
  • fixed crosshair visibility

All settings can be changed directly in file hldm.cfg.

Download Half-Life settings – english version 1.1
Stáhnout nastavení pro Half-Life – česká verze 1.1

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