Half-life cover

Buy Half-life on Steam

Benefits of Steam:

  • you will support developers of the game
  • you will get recent updates
  • easy communitacion with other players
  • you can connect to any server without problems


Download Half-life (v1.34 – 133 MB)

Package contains:

  • Half-Life version
  • multiplayer (protocol 48 – fixes error “This server is using newer protocol than your client”)
  • singleplayer
  • better in-game settings
  • basic scripts
  • updated client.dllaghl.ru 0.1.910 (smooth bunnyhop, colored health and lot of other fixes
  • highly visible player models
  • new crosshairs for all weapons and explosions sprites (originals can be found in directory sprites original)
  • good Half-Life servers in favorites


Sprites (crosshairs, lasers, explosions, blood)



Server Mods

Auto bunnyhop


HLDM.cz wallpaper