Movement is the essence of Half-life. If you stay on one place or move slowly you are easy target. Try to move faster as you can and unpredictable.

Long jump (lj)

longjumpAfter you pick up longjump module you can perform long jump by pressing duck and jump. Longjump is very useful item so try to get it faster as you can after spawn. It will help you to move faster and you will be able to reach some higher boxes or ledges.

Gauss jump

This is the whole magic of Half-life. Gauss is weapon what makes Half-life gaming fast. Just charge the gauss with right mouse button, shoot in opposite way than you want to go and you will fly. You can reach any places on map with gauss jumps. It’s useful when you run away or dodging rockets or grenades or it can help you to gain speed for bunny-hopping. It’s hard at the beginning to find out right direction in which you must fire, but after some training you will fly like other crazy players.

Wall touching movement

When you moving alongside the wall press the strafe button in direction to wall and you will move faster. It’s useful to preform jumps on longer distance without longjump. Also applicable in ventilation shafts to move faster.

Climb a ladder

You can climb a ladder faster if you press forward with strafe and then you look to the side. Watch how to do it in this video

Strafe jump

This jump is not that easy and requires a little practise. With properly done strafe jump you can make a jump to long distance. You use only strafe button and mouse movement while you jumping. It’s first step to learn bunny-hopping. How to do it you can see on following video (it’s for CS but it doesn’t matter it’s the same as for Half-life).
Strafe jump video

Double duck

By quickly pressing duck two times you will make a little jump. It’s useful to look above obstacles or quickly jump on boxes (for example in stalkyard). Here is a script for it (just press it and you will climb on boxes, stairs or haindrails):

alias "+box" "+duck;wait;-duck;wait;+duck" alias "-box" "-duck"

Satchel jump

Not very useful in normal playing but it can be used on fun maps. You need long-jump to perform it. So just throw the satchel charge on the ground and do long-jump over it. When you are just behind the satchel, fire it and you will fly higher. It’s about good timing. You can train it on satchel maps on our bunnyhop server

Crossbow jump


To make this jump pick up the crossbow, jump, crouch in the air and when you are about to land fire a non-zoomed bolt under your legs. If you do it with right timing you won’t loose too much health.

Useful training videos

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