This updated client for Half-life fixes some bugs and adds new features and settings. The most important is bunnyhop support.

You can download client from forum and then copy it to “halflife/valve/cl_dlls” or you can use updater made by Yuraj which will easily update the client to latest version.

latest client.dll version 0.2.51
client.dll updater


  • Bunnyhop enabled.
  • Fixed bug with mouse coordinates rounding.
  • Fixed bug in displaying server name in score board: displaying garbage if server name was longer then 31 char.
  • Fixed bug in displaying long server name in score board and MOTD.
  • Colors for HP/AP points, new cvars hud_dim, hud_color, hud_color(1-3). New meaning for cvar hud_draw (values between 0-1 change hud transparency).
  • Spectator mode improvement: removed top black panel and bottom is black only when menu is shown.
  • Spectator mode improvement: Spectator camera menu now working.
  • Clip mouse cursor to HL window so it will not go outside, which can lead to lost of focus on accidental click.
  • Added DirectInput mouse processing. Added m_input cvar: 1 – standard windows cursor, 2 – DirectInput mouse.
  • Fixed bug with mouse capturing on windows switching and on change level when window isn’t active (engine bug).
  • Fix for menu displayed on ShowMenu message (AMXX menu): hide menu on HudInit (change level, reconnect or connect to another server).
  • Immediately output chat messages to console and prepend time for say messages.

  • UTF Texts in hud menu and messages are now correctly displayed.
  • Added validity checks into weapon hud menu display system.
  • Extended weapon hud menu support up to 6 (0-5) weapon slots and 10 (0-9) positions in slots for new weapons (can be used in AMXX plugins).
  • Fixed Score Board last killed by highlighting.

  • Added loss to score board table.

  • Added cvar: hud_showlossinscore – show/hide loss in score board.
  • Changed column widths in score board.
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