Weapons which can be used to beat up, shoot, blow out or savage your enemies.


Basic weapon, useful on close distances.

Damage: 25


Default weapon. Try aim for the head with primary fire. It’s funcional underwater.

Damage: 12
Primary: fires slowly but more accurately
Secondary: fires faster but with less accuraccy


Powerful weapon, especially in close distance.

Damage: 20 per pellet
Primary: fires one shot, useful on long distance
Secondary: fires two shots at once, deadly in close distance


crossbowSniper crossbow. Fires slow exploding arrows when unzoomed. When you zoom in you can use this gun as a regular sniper. Can be used underwater.

Damage: sniper – 120, explosive dart – 40
Primary: slow flying exploding arrow
Secondary: zoom in
Tip: To do fast-zoom press right mouse button followed by quick pressing of left button, switch to another weapon to do unzoom.


It is better to fire unzoomed. It isn’t completely accurate even if you zoom in.

Damage: 40
Primary: fire
Secondary: zoom in


If you pick up this weapon it isn’t fully loaded so it’s better to reaload immediatly.

Damage: 12
Primary: normal fire
Secondary: throws grenade


Fires guided rocket when laser is on, when is switched off rocket goes directly where you aimed. Can be used underwater.

Damage: 120
Primary: normal fire
Secondary: switch laser dot on or off

Gauss / Tau cannon

gaussBest weapon in game. You can shoot through walls with it. It will do area damage behind wall (this is called wallgauss). Can be used for flying, dodging or reaching higher places.

Damage: 20 single shot, 200 full charged
Primary: normal
Secondary: charges gauss for bigger damage and you can use it for flying.
Tip: Try fire through walls if you hear enemy behind it. Aim to corners, windows or lights near enemy, it will hit him too.

Gluon / Egon

Very powerful weapon, but many players considers it as a noob gun. Forbidden on my server.

Damage: 25 per uranium ammo
Primary: normal
Secondary: nothing

Hornet gun / Bees

Alien hornet gun. Regenerating ammo automaticly up to 12 bees. Works underwater too.

Damage: 10 per bee
Primary: auto targeting bees
Secondary: faster, but bees fly only straight forward


If you place bigger amount of snarks very close to an enemy you can block him.

Damage: one snark bite – 10
Primary: throw a snark
Secondary: nothing

Satchel / Eplosive

satchelYou can throw satchel further if you jump.

Damage: 100
Primary: throws satchel or detonate
Secondary: throws more satchels


Can be placed everywhere on solid material.

Damage: 100
Primary: places mine
Secondary: nothing


Pretty useless weapon. Doesn’t fly too fast. If you hold it for too long it will explode in your hands.

Damage: 100
Primary: throws grenade
Secondary: nothing

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