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This models are useful when you use r_drawviewmodel “1” (you can see the weapon models) but the weapons are transparent so they are not blocking your view.

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If you don’t like our custom in-game settings and you want to adjust config by yourself here is tutorial how to make your own config. Config is a text file with *.cfg extension which Half-life is using for load and store all game settings.

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If you are angry when you don’t see grenade that someone thrown you under your feet then use our brighter explosive models. Package contains hand grenade, satchel and MP5 grenade model.

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Weapons which can be used to beat up, shoot, blow out or savage your enemies.

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Hello and welcome to! This page is about Half-life Deathmatch and everything around it. This web is useful for beginners in Half-life or for an advanced players who want to enhance their skills in multiplayer. So you can find here tutorials how to play Half-life and you can try all that stuff you have learned on our servers.

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Movement is the essence of Half-life. If you stay on one place or move slowly you are easy target. Try to move faster as you can and unpredictable.

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Bunnyhop helps you in Half-life gain more speed. It’s just jumping from side to side using only strafe buttons and mouse. You will need our updated settings or bunnyhop script and a little bit of patience to learn it.

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This updated client for Half-life fixes some bugs and adds new features and settings. The most important is bunnyhop support.

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This models replaces default helmet model so you will be able to see players with custom models better. It also inludes red and blue models from AG.

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